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Conex Containers Coming!

This has been a truly great accomplishment for me. I have been working with engineers, architects and the Lee County Building Department heads. I introduce to you a new building system, and method of using repurposed materials to bring a Modern, Cost effective form of New Construction homes and Duplexes to Southwest Florida. Using Conex Boxes as building structures will revolutionize the way you think of Shipping Containers and display the durability that steel offers the consumer for longevity and cost savings over the time of ownership. We are excited to be able to bring a cost and time savings to the area for those that are looking into the new construction option.

Building or Buying a homes is the biggest investment you will ever make, so ask yourself, “Why Not Have My Home, My Way?

With the application of new technology, conex new homes are typically somewhere in the neighborhood of 40%+ reduction in monthly electricity bills.

New homes have BRAND NEW operating systems, like plumbing, electrical, energy efficient HVAC, appliances, windows and usually don’t require maintenance until many years down the road.

Face it, your time is valuable! Would you rather spend your weekends doing maintenance – or enjoying your new home? New homes have the latest new furnishings and fixtures offering new product technologies. With a brand new home, you can experience the benefits of owning items that require little maintenance, while providing you more comfort, so you can enjoy every aspect of your home.

Building to exceed current building standards, provides an extra layer of protection to ensure that your homes are safe, durable, and meets and or exceeds local building codes especially designed for our area offering healthy savings in property insurance.

Conex built new homes come with peace of mind with manufacturer’s warranties for appliances, doors and windows, furnaces and HVAC units that were all built to last. Homes come with a one (1) year warranty to address any issues with workmanship that you may discover after you close on your home. In addition, for an additional cost new home builders offer ten (10) year warranty coverage on STRUCTURAL items, backed by the nationally recognized Bonded Builder Warranty Group.

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